Tuna fish Salad

Tuna Mix salad

Tuna Mix saladSo what’s a healthy alternative to a tuna fish sandwich? A tuna salad with seeds, goodness and loads of flavour!

Tuna is a great source of protein but it’s always best to use fresh tuna as tinned can contain a lot of salt. If you wish to use tinned tuna, choose one in oil, not brine.

Tuna salad yummy ingredients:

– lettuce
– spinach leaves
– raw mushrooms
– tomatoes
– radishes
– cucumber
pine nut seeds
– dried cranberries
– sunflower seeds

Try to buy organic as much as you can so you get the full health benefit of the vegetables in your salad without all the pesticides and chemicals that are often used to grow them.

Remember, if you spend the extra 5 minutes on presentation, your salad will taste even more delicious! Apparently, studies have demonstrated that food which looks good tastes good! ;)

Add a home made french dressing for extra taste!

For the dressing:

Mix together 1 tsp of wholegrain mustard and 1 tsp of plain mustard,
Mix in one tbsp of balsamic vinegar,
Add 4 tbsp of Olive oil,
Add more oil (if required) bit by bit until the dressing is liquid enough to be poured on the salad.

Bon appetit!!