Daily Archives: June 1, 2015

Turning teenager birthday party.

Had been fretting about this party for weeks, okay maybe not as 'fretty' as I was about my half century (ouch, that still smarts a bit) last year, but I was still getting myself in a bit of a tizz! The DJ was booked, and luckily paid for by eldest son, as let's face it DJ's cost the earth these days. I was definitely in the wrong line when God handed out careers advice. He never told me that writing would never be as fruitful as spinning discs (although it's actually clicking on tunes from a laptop these days- yeah go figure!!). (more…)

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It’s all about the Salad.

Are you stuck on the dieting roundabout? Can't you decide between the Atkins, Cambridge, South Beach or Paleo diet. Have you tried cutting out carbs and not eating after 6pm- no it doesn't work ! Well ALL the health professionals will advise that the ONLY true and lasting way to lose weight is to change your lifestyle- and your eating habits. (more…)

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