Lunch box ideas, that aren’t sandwiches!

I know, every morning it’s the same thing. The stand at the open fridge, the head hovering over the ‘salad drawer,’ a brief feel of the bananas and pears to see if one’s hard enough and one’s not too hard. By the time the end of the week comes round, the stress of the lunch box compilation has spanned over to the night before. So now you find yourself repeating the above, with bleary eyes and even less of the highly functioning braincells you need to compile a healthy, lunch box. Have no fear- there is no need to rush out and buy up every flavour of dairylea dunkers in the hope that the kids will miraculously like one of them. Help is at hand:-

Crackers and savoury spread– Mix up either tuna, salmon or chicken with mayo, spring onions and black pepper (optional). Crackers with or without butter, cherry tomatoes, chunks of cheese and sliced apple. Don’t forget the fork!

Rice balls– use sushi or pudding rice and roll into balls when cooled. Add slices of ham, salami, chicken or peppers and cheese. Satsuma, grapes and fromage frais.

Meat wraps– use leftover spaghetti sauce, to wrap in tortillas (use wholemeal for extra fibre), add grated cheese and lettuce. Tinned fruit salad in a plastic box, digestive biscuits.

Halloumi salad– grill slices of halloumi wrapped in tin foil, mix up green salad with tomatoes and cucumber.

Whatever you put in the lunch box, chances are they will have no reaction to it at all, and half the time when you ask them “so what did you eat today”, you will receive the same answer that you get to all questions about school:- “can’t remember!”

Image by jun yang from Pixabay

Image by TheUjulala from Pixabay