Create Your Own Paint by Numbers

As part of our care and share activities we have designed some create your own paint by numbers. Kids love to paint and adding their faces and names to the characters, makes this a very special activity. Kids love to paint and painting by numbers makes it so much simpler to create the picture. Following the colour code and filling in the areas around the child’s face brings the picture to life in a very special way.

Paint By Numbers

superkid paint by numbers



Leonardo da Vinci inspired Painting By Numbers

An American, Dan Robbins created paint-by-numbers kits in the 1950s. He came up with the idea after the boss asked him to come up with a product that could appeal to adults. He got inspiration for the product after reading that  Leonardo da Vinci would hand out numbered designs to apprentices. Years later [painting by numbers is an activity enjoyed by children and adults the world over.

For lots more ways to create your own pictures with your child’s faces and names, check out our Pictures section on our site.

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