Fun Way to Make Beautiful Rainbows

There are lots of beautiful rainbow paintings and crafts to do, so we’ve picked one that’s fun and easy to do with just paint and a rolling pin 🌈 🙂

  1. Roll out a length of paper on the floor, taking care to place carpet covering or floor covering. It might be an idea to this outside if possible. The back of wallpaper works really well.
  2. Put a small splodge of paint on the paper in order of the rainbow colours: pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. It should look like a caterpillar when you’ve finished!  Use any kids washable paints ( as there will be spillage!)


make a rainbow with a rolling pin and paint

3. Roll the pin along all the colours and watch your beautiful rainbow appear. If your child is too small, you may need to help holding one end of the rolling pin.

make a rainbow with a rolling pin and paint


With thanks to Kirsty A. from FAMILY LOCKDOWN TIPS & IDEAS for this great idea!

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