Kids Recipes

Do you have a budding Jamie Oliver in your house? Do your kids love Grandma’s apple pie? Have you got a signature dish? If so, send us the recipe and we will print them here. Kids love food, we love food, find great recipes for the kids here.

Lunch box ideas, that aren’t sandwiches!

I know, every morning it's the same thing. The stand at the open fridge, the head hovering over the 'salad drawer,' a brief feel of the bananas and pears to see if one's hard enough and one's not too hard. By the time the end of the week comes round, the stress of the lunch box compilation has spanned over to the night before. So now you find yourself repeating the above, with bleary eyes and even less of the highly functioning braincells you need to compile a healthy, lunch box. (more…)

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Chocolate chip cake

Ingredients: - 200g sugar - 225g unsalted butter - 225g flour - 1 teaspoon of baking powder - 5 eggs - 50g chocolate chips Preheat the oven at 160 degrees ( gas mark 3). (more…)

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