Why choose personalised ?

Buying a gift can be a bit of a competition, we strive to better the last one, make ours more memorable, get something no-one else has got before. Over the past few years we’ve seen the introduction of the Hot Air Balloon rides, the Drive a Super Car round a racing track, Bungee Jump from Tower Bridge and all manner of spa and beauty days but it would seem that nothing beats having an item that can be wrapped up and presented to someone.

The ‘personalised gift‘ is on the rise and in the UK there are on average 40,500 searches a month for personalised gifts.With a new personalised gift company popping up every week the choice can be a bit overwhelming. With a hundred bags, t-shirts and mouse mats presented to you to upload your photo onto, maybe it’s time to choose something a little bit different.

What about a really personalised t-shirt that comes with you as the character. It could be a football striker, rugby trier, donkey derby winner all with a great caption, or one of your own.  Your face on a character on a gift… Brilliant!

There’s a company that do just that. Saronti.com sell story books, t-shirts, mugs, and puzzles incorporating your family, friends, even pets faces onto great illustrated characters.

Outdoing the Jonese’s has never been easier. Go on Give someone a really special personalised gift today