End of Year Memory Photo Book

Our End of Year Memory book
is the perfect book for a leaving gift. Whether it’s Nursery or Primary School, this personalised photo book holds special memories for Children and Staff. Adding all the things that make your Nursery or School special, guarantees each child a wonderful memento of their Happy year.

Have a peek at the book!


£11.99 per book (minimum order 10 books). Free postage. The book is exclusively available to the parents of the children who appear in the book.

Personalised end of year memory photo book features:

– Font cover with photos of your choice
– Inside cover printed with personal message in a handwriting font style
– Class photo printed in the book
– Choose between one page per child OR two children per page
– Choose text colours (pink/blue or rainbow)
– Can includes photo albums of days out with the class
– Can include Art gallery pages with prints of children’s drawings
– Staff page with thumbnails photos
– Blank page for the child to write/draw/stick
– Back cover with Mascot or any photo you want
– We can customise the book to your requirements. Just ask!

Need to know more?

Are you ready to get started with your personalised End of School Year Memory photo book, or do you need more information?
Email books@saronti.com or chat with us now using the chat box at the bottom of this page.

Note: We comply with data protection law. We cannot and will not use the photos for anything else than the sole making of the book. Once the book is made, the photos are deleted. We do not ask at any time for any information specific to the children such as surname, age or address. All we need is a first name and a photo of each child.

What others have said:

“My daughter received this book when she left the Infant School. Its a lovely account of her very happy year in Year 2 and will be treasured.” Carla, Mother

“Thank you to the teachers for giving my son this wonderful book filled with photos and memories of Year 2. Its brilliant- thank you !” Alan, Father.

“This book made our End of Year present an easy choice. Thank you to Saronti for adding everything personal to our school,our Year 6 classes and for ensuring the production process was as easy as possible.” Miss Churchill, St Mary Magdalene

If you haven’t already done so, please send your feedback to feedback@saronti.com – We are keen to hear what customers think about our books 🙂