It’s all about the Salad.

Are you stuck on the dieting roundabout? Can’t you decide between the Atkins, Cambridge, South Beach or Paleo diet. Have you tried cutting out carbs and not eating after 6pm- no it doesn’t work ! Well ALL the health professionals will advise that the ONLY true and lasting way to lose weight is to change your lifestyle- and your eating habits.

Personally I could live on salads and even when I was pregnant I craved green veg and oniony salad- okay the sniffing petrol and dettol wasn’t that healthy, but at least that was limited to my nasal cavity!

You can honestly make anything into a salad, and trust me they are super tasty and filling. Go on, give it a go- what have you got to lose- apart from pounds !!!

Peppers and aubergine

peppers and aubergine

Grilled aubergine slices, thinly sliced green pepper laid on a bed of green salad leaves, tomatoes and olives. dress with your choice of dressing.


Salmon and leek

salmon and leek

Leftover salmon fillet laid on a bed of lettuce, last nights cooked leeks, tomatoes, raw mushrooms and all sprinkled with grated cheese and dressing.


The ultimate mish mash salad

mish mash salad

The clue is in the title! The mish mash salad is anything you have leftover in your fridge. In this one we have lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds and radishes, all tossed together along with a lovely french dressing.

Bon apetite everyone!!!