Leftover rice salad

Everyone has leftovers, whether it be BBQ’d meat, veggies, last nights stir fry- or Sundays take away. Sometimes you don’t want to just re-eat them, so what else can you do?

This leftover rice, cheese and beef tomato salad is vibrant in colour and taste.


cheese rice and tomato salad


Sunday night takeaway- pilau rice served with lettuce, tomatoes, olives, pine nuts, cucumber, mushrooms, radishes and grated cheese.

left over curry pilau rice salad

Leftover veggie rice salad- Pile the veggie rice in the middle of the plate, layer lettuce and tomatoes around the edge .

left over rice salad

Rice and spinach – mix up leftover basmati rice with sweetcorn, radishes, chopped red peppers and chopped tomatoes. lay the rice mixture on a bed of baby spinach and lettuce.

rice and spinach salad 2

Basmati rice and artichoke- centre the rice in the middle of a plate, add tomatoes, spinach,  cucumber, chopped artichoke, radishes, mushrooms and green olives. Sprinkle with dressing and dried cranberries

basmati rice, green salad