Saronti Advent- Day 3 – Christmas Cards

Christmas Card

In this technological world, the tradition of sending Christmas cards is all but dying. It’s now customary to send an ‘Elf yourself’ or a ‘singing Grinch‘ as a greeting. Gone are the days of pegging up the cards on a length of string and taking bets on when the first one arrives. There was something quite wonderful and warm about receiving a card through the post, but where did the tradition start?

The Christmas card tradition originated in the late 19th century among upper class families. The calling card system simply grew into a mass market. The Christmas themed calling cards began being mass-produced by German companies, eventually evolving into the Christmas Cards of today.

The dwindling sales and posting of Christmas cards could be down to the cost of postage as much as it is to the revolutionary way we communicate now.

Imagine the cost of sending those-  62,824 cards- wow!!