Saronti Advent-Day 5 Christmas Films

christmas film ET

We’ve seen the Top 10 Christmas songs, now let’s look at the Top 10 Christmas Films.

In reverse order:

10:- Charles Dickins- A Christmas carol- The 1951 adaptation comes in at this spot, although the musical version Scrooge is always worth a watch too

9:-The 1947 original telling of Miracle On 34th Street in black and white.

8:-Gremlins- the first one in the series. Kids are scared by it and adults love it.

christmas film gremlin

7:- Personally we would’ve put this higher, but Elf comes in at Number 7. Who can’t get excited when Will Ferrell dons those tights.

6:-  Die Hard- although this is an action movie to beat all action movies, it’s a regular at the Xmas movie sessions

5:-ET- who can’t be moved by the sassy little alien and his buddy Elliot- and I defy anybody not to cry at least once during the film.

4:-It’s A wonderful Life- an utter classic in every sense.

3:- The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of Tim Burton’s true classics.

2:- Home Alone- the photograph of Buzz’s ugly girlfriend in the movie, is actually the directors son.

1:- How the Grinch Stole Christmas- proper Dr Seuss brilliance

What’s heartwarming is the number of old black and white classics that still top the charts. CGI doesn’t mean a jot when it’s Christmas time!