Saronti Advent-Day 6 The Christmas Stocking Tradition

Christmas Stocking

This tradition began in France in the 12th Century when Nuns used to leave out stockings full of fruit, tangerines and nuts for the poor people. They would put an apple in the toe for good health and the tangerine at the heel would represent good luck as they were very rare and expensive.

As the years have gone on the stocking filler gifts have become more and more expensive and even though many people do still add a walnut or two, the tradition of the tangerine has all but vanished.

The Top 10 Fillers;

  1. Sweets- the tubular type seem to be top choice in the UK.
  2. Books- Small picture books make great stocking fillers (plus it’s something for the kids to read whilst the parents wake up)
  3. Games- card games, top trumps or travel games make good gifts
  4. Action figures- power rangers, star wars, powerpuff girls, scooby doo’s etc. Favourite characters from favourite programmes Christmas stocking Star Wars
  5. Bubble Bath- who hasn’t had a bottle of Matey in their stocking?
  6. Football cards/stickers- a real gem of a gift. Small cheap and occupies little minds for ages
  7. CD/DVD- the latest CD or DVD fits nicely at the top of the stocking
  8. Jewellery- beads, bracelets, earrings
  9. Dolls- Barbie dolls fit snugly into the long elasticated container
  10. Gloves- woolly gloves for those after Christmas Dinner walks

Whatever is in your stocking, the thrill of waking up and finding the stocking on the bottom of the bed, is one that never leaves you, no matter how old you are.

Did you know that the longest stocking was 32 metres- wow imagine filling that up with satsumas?