Saronti Advent- Day11 Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations tinsel

It seems that every year the Christmas cracker jokes get sillier and the Christmas Decorations go up earlier and earlier, but where did the tradition come from?

The revelation that tinsel was made in Germany in 1910 and was once made in real silver, would lead us to believe that decorations were a rich man’s extravagance. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

The Significance of Colours

Originally, Christmas colours were green and red. Green to symbolise the continuance of life throughout the Winter and the significance of eternal life through Jesus. Red is to represent the blood of Jesus and his sacrifice at the Crucifixion.

Christmas Ornaments

It’s said that the tradition of hanging baubles on a tree was started by an 8th Century Monk, Saint Boniface. He brought the first Christmas tree to Germany, which was decorated with simple white candles.  Historic research shows that it wasn’t until 1510, in Latvia, that a fir tree was decorated with roses. This association with the Virgin Mary became the start of modern Christmas decorations.

 The Indoor Revolution

In 1605 in Strasburg (which was then part of Germany) a diary entry explains how a Fir tree was brought indoors and decorated with paper roses, apples and candles. This event brought on a revolution that became the foundation of every household in the Christmas celebrating world.  It was Queen Victoria’s husband Albert that is credited with bringing the first Christmas tree inside the Royal household of Windsor Castle.

The Christmas Decoration Bauble

Christmas decorations baubles

Now the actual origin of the Christmas bauble is fairly vague- so just bear with us 🙂 The Christmas tree decorations supply of apples was one year struck by a particularly savage harvest and there were no apples to adorn the fir trees. ‘Rumour’ has it that an Italian glass blower designed round glass balls to replicate the apples- and a new star was born !!

However the tradition started, it’s interesting to see that the emphasis still seems to replicate the apples, sweets and candles, with baubles, candy canes and lights

Wonder how many of us would drape our trees in tinsel if it was still made of real silver?

In our next post we will look in depth at that tear inducing favourite- the Nativity Play

Photo by Plush Design Studio on Unsplash