Advent Day 1- Fantabulous Facts About Xmas Dinner

Christmas dinner plate

For our Saronti advent facts Day 1 an Edwardian Christmas dinner featured dishes such as braised ox heart in aspic and slow roasted pigs head in marmalade & mustard jelly (it doesn’t end there) accompanied by jellied tongue. Sounds like a bushtucker trial to me!

This posh residences meal took an army of 15 staff working 12 hour shifts each to prepare. Not to mention the time spent clearing up afterwards. Nowadays we spend an average of 4.5 hours preparing and cooking.

The Christmas fayre we know and enjoy today, is actually what the middle class servants would have eaten and if we take a look at this menu from 1890 we can see how slowly the familiar foods of today were being integrated:


Royal Family crown

Our Royal family, from German origin, follow the German tradition of  opening gifts on Christmas Eve but the lunch on Christmas day features all the usual suspects of a British festive fayre. Lunch includes a salad with shrimp and lobster followed by Turkey, stuffing, parsnips, Brussels sprouts and good old pudding and brandy butter.

Now that sounds like Christmas to us 🙂