Saronti wins awards

So we have been pretty quiet since the Xmas rush, but it’s nothing to do with expanding waistlines or post chrimble blues. We have been busy getting ready for 2015, with loads of new ideas, products and even the odd book or two!!!

Yes we will finally be adding to our great family story books with a single girl story, a single boy story and another brilliant family book. We know you love our books, as the whole family can appear it in, with faces and names and funny pics to boot. But now it looks like it’s not just us who love them- our Special Christmas Saronti has only gone and won a Gold award- yes, we are so excited about it.

A Special Christmas, personalised family photo book for children

Bizziebaby, who are proficient testers and regulators of all things children, got three of their ‘guinea pigs’ to test run our book and the feedback is all, and more, we could ask for.

Don’t believe us- read for yourself.
With scores of 4.9 out of 5, it just goes to show that all those years ago, when our writer Lizzie, sat and wrote her first, fun packed rhyming, story book, she was (as in her own words) ‘onto something’.

Our story books bring life to books, get families reading together, bring joy to the faces of seldom seen relatives and make lots of people smile.

Why not look through our sample books and see just what a Saronti could do for your family.


images by dlnny