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Salmon Salad

Not all Salads are for dieters. Here is a favourite of mine that's delicious, healthy and filling! Along with my special sesame seed dressing it's also different. Take a salmon steak, sprinkle with sea salt and grill under a medium flame. If desired, squeeze half a lemon over the fish just before it's cooked. (more…)

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Vegetable basket

Which vegetables are in season?

You can put pretty much any vegetable in a salad, so it's nice to try using vegetables which are in season. It can be quite hard to know which vegetable is 'in season' in the UK because so much food is imported. Look at prices! If they're on offer you can be sure they're in season and will taste so much better too! Here is a little guide to help you: (more…)

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Tuna Mix salad

Tuna fish Salad

So what's a healthy alternative to a tuna fish sandwich? A tuna salad with seeds, goodness and loads of flavour! Tuna is a great source of protein but it's always best to use fresh tuna as tinned can contain a lot of salt. If you wish to use tinned tuna, choose one in oil, not brine. (more…)

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crazy avocado salad

Crazy Avocado Salad

You can put pretty much any vegetable in a salad so it's nice to try using vegetables that are in season. It can be quite hard to know which vegetable is 'in season' in the UK because so much food is imported. Look at prices! If they're on offer you can be sure they're in season! (more…)

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Barbeque left over salad

BBQ Left overs salad

  How many of you will have a Barbecue this Summer? Don't forget to put some veggies on, they're delicious the next day in a salad! Take some mushrooms, tomatoes and peppers and spray some olive oil on them before putting on the BBQ. Put the left overs in a plastic container in the fridge and simply add it to your salad the next day. Yummy! (more…)

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Salmon salads

Love salmon? Love salad? (more…)

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More leftover BBQ salad

Using leftover veggies from the BBQ for a salad, is a tasty fabulous meal. (more…)

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Beetroot and olive salad

Beetroot is a very underestimated vegetable. It's deep red colour oozes vitamins and minerals, and whether you like yours' pickled or not, it's low in calories. (more…)

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Beetroot and pine nut salad

Layer green leaves, cucumber slices, cherry tomatoes. Sprinkle over sliced mushrooms and thinly sliced radishes. Add chopped beetroot, grated cheese, pine nuts and sunflower seeds . Top with cranberries and dressing. (more…)

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Avocado salads- nutritious and delicious

There's a bit of a debate about avocados- are they healthy or are they not? well whether they are or not, doesn't detract from the fact that they are great in salads. Here's a great selection of ideas for you to try- (more…)

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It’s all about the Salad.

Are you stuck on the dieting roundabout? Can't you decide between the Atkins, Cambridge, South Beach or Paleo diet. Have you tried cutting out carbs and not eating after 6pm- no it doesn't work ! Well ALL the health professionals will advise that the ONLY true and lasting way to lose weight is to change your lifestyle- and your eating habits. (more…)

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Leftover rice salad

Everyone has leftovers, whether it be BBQ'd meat, veggies, last nights stir fry- or Sundays take away. Sometimes you don't want to just re-eat them, so what else can you do? (more…)

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Leftover BBQ salad

Place your BBQ meat (chicken, steak, lamb, sausage or burger), in the center of the plate and place around it- (more…)

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