Weird News from Around the World

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Some people don’t watch the news due to continuing catastrophe and carnage of war and people hurting people. Here at Saronti though, we like to catch up on a different kind of news, the weird news from around the world.

Here, for your amusement (not to mention your amazement) is this posts’ round up:

Man Burns Down Own House

black widow spider

In California a man was so freaked out by a cluster of black widow spiders that he burned down his own house. He thought it would be a good idea to repel the spiders with a blowtorch! Yikes. Firefighters have issued a warning about about using fire to repel household creepys.

Repercussions For Man Who Calls Police 45000 Times

In Turkey a man is facing up to five years in prison after calling police emergency 45,000 times in just one year. The 55 year old man named as Seref Can, has admitted he drinks quite heavily and just wants someone to talk to after his wife left him. Maybe he should have called the Samaritans instead.

The Case Of The Exploding Toilet

In the US and Canada at least 23 people have been injured after faulty toilet flushing systems exploded. The company, Flushmate have recalled approximately 1.4 million systems and could be facing several lawsuits. I’m sure there’s a joke in here somewhere but my life’s gone down the pan lately (geddit).

Goats Addicted To Human Wee

Hundreds of mountain goats have been airlifted from Washington’s Olympic National Park after the animals became addicted to human wee. Experts say the salt and minerals in the urine drives the goats to frantically dig up sites where hikers have relieved themselves. Up to now 375 goats have been removed

Gay Penguins Kidnap Chick (This has to be our favourite story of the week:)

A gay penguin couple, at a Denmark zoo, have reportedly “kidnapped” the chick of a pair of straight penguins. The zoo keeper said the chick was taken when the Mother had gone for a swim and the Father was on lookout. They believe the gay couple thought the chick was being neglected.  Although the chick was returned to it’s parents, the zoo decided to give the gay couple an abandoned egg to raise as their own- This story may be weird news, but it really is Awwww.

The Hansel And Gretel Pig

pig's snout

In the fable, the children leave a trail of breadcrumbs to find their way back out of the forest, but in this story it’s a rather more appetising snack left as a tasty trail guide. In San Bernando, California, the Sherriff’s office received a call about a huge pig roaming the streets. Luckily, the Deputy on duty at the time recognised the porcine fiend and happened to know it’s favourite snack.

Deputy Ponce laid a trail of Doritos and the porky snuffler dutily followed, all the way to it’s home. And who says pigs aren’t smart!

The Real Walking Dead

Weird news doesn’t come any weirder than this. Aigali Supygaliev, from Kazakhstan, was pronounced dead after DNA tests came back 99.2% positive on badly burned human remains. His funeral took place in September and a family wake was held in memory of him.

Two months later the family were to get the biggest shock of their lives when:

Uncle Aigali walked through the door hale and hearty after we’d buried him, my daughter Saule nearly dropped dead of a heart attack,” his brother said.

It turned out that he had taken up the offer of work in a nearby village and on completion of the job, had walked all the way home.  Has he never heard of telephones?

Hope you enojyed these wonderfully weird news tales and keep an eager eye out for more.