About Saronti

grandad and grandson reading a book featuring themselves and their family

Saronti are passionate about books. Publishing, personalising and creating are just some of the ways Saronti encourage a love of reading and writing.
We help schools fundraise, and offer activity books for Seniors, both here and in France.

With our range of Storybook and Publishing packages, young authors can have their stories printed, published or simply showcased in our Gallery.

Our highly customised books & card games are unique and special, featuring the whole family  (including the pets).

How did it all start?

Many moons ago, Sandie wrote a story featuring her son and a few of his friends, replacing the names with their faces. Her son insisted on taking the b/w photocopied, stapled bits of paper into school for storytime. 2 days later Sandie was mobbed by parents asking where they could get a copy. The personalised Saronti book was born!

Roll on a few years with Karine now part of the business, not only did Saronti's product range expand, but so did the website, with the introduction of Saronti France.

Sandie, Saronti Partner
Karine, Saronti Partner

Surviving the Pandemic

It was a rocky time in early 2020 and Saronti diversified to help 'homeschooled' children with personalised colouring activities. This branched out to partnerships with creative writing teachers, printing stories into Books and the emergence of the Self Publishing Packages

Word spread and Saronti found themselves working with Schools, Tutors, Authors, Language schools and many more writing groups, fulfilling the original Saronti strapline , Bringing books to Life.

The future

This brings us to today, where we are consistently expanding our partnerships, extending our activity book for Seniors sales, fundraising & leavers books for Primary & Secondary schools, Storybook Kits, Self-publishing Packages and personalised books & card games.

The core of Saronti, all those years ago was to 'spread the love of books', and that message is as strong as ever today.