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Blissa The Comfort Fairy by Radhika Kaul

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Famous Young Authors

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Travelling with Toddlers

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Top 10 Children’s Books

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The Great Knowledge Quiz

The Great Knowledge Quiz Here’s a selection of questions from general knowledge, animals, geography, sports, [...]

What’s The First?- Quiz

Answer these questions about yourself (you may need help), and then ask your friends and [...]

How To Get Secondary School Kids To Read

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The Best School Fundraising Ideas

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Books V Ebooks

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What Is It About Monopoly?

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Happy New Year 2021-a Poem by Lizzie Sands

Happy New Year 2021-a Poem by Lizzie Sands Christmas is over and the end of [...]

It’s a Covid Christmas – a Christmas poem by Lizzie Sands reflecting on the strange year we’ve all had.

This year is a strange one, with Covid19 Back and fore Lockdown and Trump in [...]

Traditional Games Are On The Up & Up

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Covid19 Safe Halloween

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The Origins of Halloween

The word Halloween is short for All Hallows’ Evening also known as Hallowe’en or All [...]

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Old Macdonald Had a Farm for Toddlers

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Hot Glue Gun Art

The great thing about art is that it can be done in so many different [...]

Creating Beautiful Art From Mixed Media

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A- Z Handprints

The A-Z of handprints is a fun activity that can be done with very young [...]

Fun, Kids Water Activities to do at Home

Whilst we’re sweltering in Mediterranean temperatures, but the pools are packed, why not entertain with [...]