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How can I contact you?

Chat to us using the chat box at the bottom right of this screen

Write to us
Saronti Publishing
37 stanstead Road
EN11 0PP

Where do I upload my photos for my gift/book?
Please fill in the online form at
What kind of photos/files do you accept?
Full face head shot is perfect. Make sure the head and/or hair is not cropped The rule is the better the photo, the better the book.
– File accepted: JPG, TIF & BMP only.
– Min physical size: 480 x 480 px (about 300KB)
– Max file size: 3MB
photos needed for personalised photo gifts

The online photo form doesn't work, What can I do?
If your photos are over 3MB each and you are on a slow connection, then the form may not work. Please email them to (in batches of 2 to make sure the email doesn’t bounce back) or zip them all up and send them to using the free and secure file sharing site
Do you delivery Worlwide?
Yes. All our unique gifts are produced at different locations so delivery fees vary. Please add the items to your cart to check delivery fee.
How much is delivery?
All our unique gifts are produced at different locations so delivery fees vary. Please add the items to your cart to check delivery fee.
Can you guarantee you will not share my photos and information?
We comply with data protection law. We cannot and will not use the photos and information given to us for anything else than the sole making of the item(s) you’ve ordered. Once the item is made, we keep them on file for 3 months in case you wish to re-ordered. Then they are deleted. If you want your photos to be deleted straight away, just let us know.
Where is my order?
All the personalised gifts and books available on our site are produced at different factories so your items may not all arrive at the same time. Most gifts are delivered within 7 days. Books are delivered within 21 days. If you’re not sure when your order should arrive, feel free to email
I want to buy another copy of my family book. Do I need to pay the full price again?
You can buy another copy of your book within 3 months of purchase. All files are deleted after 3 months. The book will be cheaper as it’s just a reprint. To buy a reprint click here
There is a problem with my personalised gift/book. What can I do?
Every item we offer is custom made and require a lot of work. Because of the high level of personalisation of our gift, we cannot automate the production. We have team of artworkers working on your gifts every day. This means we may sometime make mistakes (we’re only humans!). If this happens, we will rectify, re-print and send you a new gift free of charge within 7 days. Please let us know emailing
My order got damaged in the post. What can I do?
If you gift got damaged in the post, please email us a photo of the damage at within 5 days of having received the item.