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Do you need help with personalising your gift? Either Contact us or upgrade to Premium Design.

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Making a Saronti is great fun, but we also understand that not everyone has the time! You can upgrade to Premium Design at any time, even if you’ve already started. We’ll take over 🙂

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All the personalised gifts and books available on our site are produced at different locations so your items may not all arrive at the same time. Most gifts are delivered within 3-5 working days. Books, self customised are delivered within 3-5 working days, but Saronti customisation can be longer (depending on the time of year). If you’re not sure when your order should arrive, feel free to email

Login and go to On this page you can see item(s) available for you to personalise under the title “Personalise Products”. Scroll down to “My Circle” and click “Add new person” to add people to your circle. Once you’ve added everyone you wish to feature in your item, click START next to the item  you wish to personalise. 

If you Chose “Pay Designer to personalise” your item, please use this form: to send us the information we need to personalise your book

If you have ordered a footy book, you can upload your photos here Unfortunately due to the level of personalisation in this book, our system isn’t ready for you to DIY the Footy book yet. Don’t worry we’re working on it! 

Reprints are offered at 25% discount. To get your discount code please contact us

Yes. All our unique gifts are produced at different locations so delivery fees vary. Please add the items to your cart to check delivery fee.

We add delivery charges so that we can keep our product prices low. As our gifts are produced at different locations delivery fees vary. Please add the items to your cart to check delivery fee.

Cards & school supplies- 2 to 3 days, Books 5 days, Jigsaws 7 days

As you are asked to inspect the item yourself, we can not take responsibility for an error in the actual personalisation. If however, there is an error in the printing of your item, please email us immediately at

If your gift has been damaged in the post, please email us a photo of the damage within 5 days of having received it to

Let your School know about Saronti and then tell us which School your child attends. Email us on We’ll contact them to see if they’re interested.

Are you / Do you know a school/charity/sport’s club or other organisation looking for fundraising ideas using personalised gifts? How about promoting unique personalised Family BooksJigsaw Puzzles and Playing Cards?

Set up in no time, no events to organise, no cake to make and no products to pre-buy. All your organisation needs is your very own link to Each time someone visits the Saronti website using that link and buys a gift, your organisation will get a whooping 15% commission! 

Email for more info.