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Personalised Preschool Memory Book with names and photos

Encourage children to love books with a book featuring them and ALL their school friends!

“A Day at YourSchoolName” – This unique storybook features names AND faces of all the children and staff (up to 44). Faces from children/teacher’s photos are cut out to make up the illustrated characters in the book, and their names are included in the rhyming story. Lookalike characters are available for children who can’t have their photos taken, so no-one misses out! A unique memory of children’s early years, a great leavers gift, and a favourite at bedtime.

Choose Age Group

The version for younger children focuses more on drawing and animals.


The version for older children includes letter and number learning.

Nursery Book with names and photos

💛 Personalised with children & staff faces AND names. 
💛 Lookalike characters available for children who can’t have their photos taken, so no-one misses out!
💛 Story & illustrations vary for different age groups (Preschool / Nursery) 
💛 Includes contact sheet with photos and names.
💛 Includes Preschool/Nursery logo, info & Mascot.
💛 Fun rhyming story
💛 Available in both English & French.
💛 Ideal for leavers, settling in or as a memorable keepsake.

£8.95 per book (minimum order 6 books) + postage. The book is exclusively available to the children who appear in the book.

What a better way to encourage children to love books than with a book about themselves and ALL their friends! A meaningful gift, a truly unique keepsake- what a Giggle! Just Imagine the children’s faces when they see themselves and all their friends in their very own personalised Preschool/Nursery book.

Personalised Pre-school Memory Book with faces & Names

“Our Pre-school book is beautiful. Many thanks for your continued hard work in making such personal books for our children and parents to enjoy for many years to come. ” Denise, Bishop Hull Preschool

“My Grandson was very upset at leaving Pre-school, as he is moving away from the area. Having a book with the faces and names of all his friends and Teachers in a lovely storybook is such a great gift. He will treasure this forever.” Andrea- Nana

“We love my daughter’s Preschool book. Daddy reads it with her every night and she tells him all her favourite activities. he knows all her friends names now.” Liz- Mother

“I LOVE my Day at Pre-school book. It has all my friends and teachers in it and Cedric our class bear. When I am missing my Nursery friends and teachers I can look at my book and see all their faces. Yipee!” Abu, 4

“This is our 3rd year of giving the Day at Pre school to our children as a Christmas present. We LOVE books and this book encourages the children to love them too. Thank you Saronti staff for all your help in putting smiles on our children (and parents) faces.” Alice in Wonderland Preschool

“A wonderful way to help a child feel welcome, secure and part of the class.” C Jaques, Special Needs Teacher

“A Day at Nursery was a great addition to our book corner, as well as an amazing leaving present for our Children. Thank you Saronti for giving us this opportunity to give our children a unique, personal leaving gift.” Claire- Nursery Manager

How it works:

For us to make the book, all we need is a photo & first name of the children and teachers/staff you wish to include (don’t forget the mascot!). You can send them using our secure online form. Children who can’t have their photo taken can have a lookalike illustrated character, so no one misses out on being represented in the book.

With a minimum of 6 orders, the book comes at £8.95.
Some preschools buy the books as gifts for the children, some pass on the cost to parents, and others use it as a fundraiser by selling it to the parents for £10.95 (not much more expensive than a tea towel and they’re getting so much more!). A unique book children will cherish for ever.

Need to know more?

Are you ready to get started with your personalised Preschool photo book, or do you  need more information?
Email, WhatsApp us here  or chat with us using the chat box at the bottom of this page.

Note: We comply with data protection law. We cannot and will not use the photos for anything else than the sole making of the book. Once the book is made, the photos are deleted. We do not ask at any time for any information specific to the children such as surname, age or address. All we need is a first name and a photo of each child.