BBQ Left overs salad

Barbeque left over salad


Barbeque left over saladHow many of you will have a Barbecue this Summer? Don’t forget to put some veggies on, they’re delicious the next day in a salad!

Take some mushrooms, tomatoes and peppers and spray some olive oil on them before putting on the BBQ. Put the left overs in a plastic container in the fridge and simply add it to your salad the next day. Yummy!



The BBQ left over salad shown here has:

– Green peppers (grilled from weekend BBQ)
– Tomatoes (grilled from weekend BBQ)
– Halloumi cheese (you can warm it up in the oven first if you want but I find it nicer not warmed up)
– Cucumber
– Lettuce (any lettuce you want, try to avoid iceberg as that’s not as tasty!)
– Green olives
– Grated ginger (see why ginger is good for you here)
– Sliced raw mushrooms (yes they’re lovely sliced in a salad!)
– Pine nuts (see why nuts are good for you here)

Try buying organic as much as possible as it means you won’t be eating chemicals and pesticides with your salad 😉

Add a home made dressing for extra taste!

For the dressing:

Mix together 1 tsp of wholegrain mustard and 1 tea spoon of pain mustard,
Mix in one tbsp of balsamic vinegar,
Add 4 tbsp of Olive oil,
Add more oil (if required) bit by bit until the dressing is liquid enough to be poured on the salad.

Bon appetite!!