Dad’s Memory Book (just in case!)

Mum decided that for Dad’s 80th she wanted to do a memory book for him, although I think she’s safeguarding herself for if he gets Alzheimer’s! He can then carry his book around with him and stop attacking the strangers in his house! Here at Saronti, you can actually have the faces and names of your whole family placed in a funny storybook, – brilliant idea and perfect for Dad. Mum opted for the Seaside Outing book.


Of course she gave me the job of sourcing all the photos. There were a zillion of the kids to choose from and a shed load of the Old Man to trawl through- I could feel an afternoon reminiscing with tea and swiss roll coming on. Mum had sent some she’d taken of her and Dad (spinning him a yarn about the youngest grandchild doing a project on inspirational people- he puffed out his chest and swaggered round for a day or so apparently- now Mum feels guilty!). Had lots of my sister and her family and even a great one of Dad’s best friend- the dog. There was only me left.

Trying to Take a Selfie ( when you REALLY don’t want to)

Have to tell you I’m not the most photogenic person- in fact my face looks positively lopsided, my nose looks enormous and my hair always, always looks a mess. Tried taking a few with self timer. God no-I look like a big nosed, lopsided, crazy with a glass eye (it’s TRUE). Found one that was a bit blurry (wrinkles look a bit faded-bonus!) but I am unfortunately sporting the biggest spot on my cheek ever. However, as we needed the book before Dad turned 80, I sent everything in to the Saronti Design team.

When the Seaside book arrived on my desk I opened it with extreme trepidation. Oh my goodness the spot on my cheek had disappeared and my face wasn’t blurry- still lopsided- but crystal clear. I sent a million thanks to the magicians in the design team and delivered the book to Mum. Dad loves his book and now shows the personalised book with his whole family in it to all his friends, golf buddies, postman, window cleaner, in fact most people he meets. Let’s hope if he does ever lose his marbles he will at least know where he put his book..

As Marcus Tullio Cecero once said-
‘Memory is the treasury and guardian of all things.’
Happy 80th Birthday Dad
images by Paul Hamilton, Stuart Caie and Saronti