7 Day Junk Activity Challenge

Every day there’s a new activity challenge. Use your garbage, recycling and any other stuff [...]

Origami: Make a Hat

A simple and easy way to make a paper hat. This cap was made from [...]

How To Recycle Your Candles

There’s nothing we hate more than waste, and candle waste really gets our goat. That [...]

Activities with Water, Pebbles and a Hammer

These toddler activities with water, pebbles and a hammer are great for those days when [...]

Dandelion Art from Toilet Roll

This dandelion art from toilet roll is such an easy way to make a beautiful [...]

Hot Glue Gun Art

The great thing about art is that it can be done in so many different [...]

Creating Beautiful Art From Mixed Media

We are so in love with these amazing works of art from Missy, aged 5, [...]

A- Z Handprints

The A-Z of handprints is a fun activity that can be done with very young [...]

Rainbow Coloured Pinecones

With the great weather, come some great walks, and for Jeanette D one particular walk [...]

How to Make Worry Dolls

If you’d have told me 5 years ago that not only would I be writing [...]

Teach your Toddler Colours & Numbers with Toilet Rolls

With their being such a great choice of brilliant toilet roll crafts and activities, we [...]

Fun Way to Make Beautiful Rainbows

There are lots of beautiful rainbow paintings and crafts to do, so we’ve picked one [...]

10 Simple ‘How To Draw’ Pictures

With the bad weather making it difficult to play outside, Here are 10 simple ‘how [...]

Easy To Make Superhero

Today is National Superhero Day so what better activity than an easy to make Superhero [...]

Weaving Activity for Girls & Boys

This wonderful activity by Days with Grey is great for girls & boys. Weaving can [...]

All the Craft Supplies You Will Need for Lockdown Activities

We get you- your kids have been searching and have found 3 crafts they want [...]

Easy To Make Robot Arm

Here’s a brilliant step by step for an easy to make robot arm from those [...]

How to Make a Dog Puppet

Wouldn’t it be great if we could have a kid’s activity that’s great to play [...]

Create Your Own Kid’s Dot to Dot

As part of our care and share activities we have designed some create your own [...]

Create Your Own Paint by Numbers

As part of our care and share activities we have designed some create your own [...]

Create your own Colouring for Kids

During this unprecedented time, we have decided to change Saronti to a care and share [...]

Easter Crafts for Kids – Easter Chick

This Easter weekend will be like no other. For those of you who don’t have [...]

Easy to Make Origami Rabbit

Try your hand at following this step by step Origami rabbit tutorial. As Easter approaches [...]

Cardboard Box Crafts

Cardboard boxes are brilliant for all kinds of kids crafts and activities. Toddlers love them [...]

Egg Box Craft for Kids

Here are some of our favourite egg box crafts for kids. Keeping the kids occupied, [...]

Easy to Make Craft Octopus

Follow this simple step by step guide to make craft Octopus friends. For this fun [...]

Easy to Make Craft- Dinosaur feet

Kids love the fantasy and fright of dinosaurs. These crafty feet are easy to make [...]

Create your own lava lamp effect

Here is a short and simple video showing you how to create your own lava [...]

Make Your Own Bird Seed

This is a wonderful recipe for bird seed, but please NOTE- do not do this [...]

Make a Bird Feeder with Kids

This is an easy to make 3 step homemade bird feeder. You don’t have to [...]

Fish Tank Craft

With so many different ideas to make a fish tank, here’s one of the ideas [...]

Origami Fish

In the first of our series of Origami activities here’s an easy one to start [...]

Easy to Make Aeroplanes

This is such an easy craft that it’s perfect for little fingers. If you have [...]

What is Coding and Why is it Taught at Preschool?

Has your toddler come home from Preschool talking about coding? Just what is coding and [...]