Football Games Past & Present

table football

We have already suggested ways of entertaining your footie mad kids indoors and out, so to add to that, here are some football games past and present

Blow Football

blow football

This simple game dates back to the 1950’s and is still as popular today. It can be played by children as young as 4, up to adults. Although there are some great, inexpensive sets to buy, you can make one up of household items:

You Will Need:

The ball- If you’re playing on a carpet, a light plastic ball, a dried pea or even a table tennis ball will do.

Two goals-plastic food containers work well

A large drinking straw for each player.


Mark out a pitch with objects. Place the ball in the middle of the pitch and start the match. The players blow the ball until it goes into one of the goals. The first player to reach 5 wins. The only rule is you are NOT allowed to touch the ball, with the straw or hand. If you do, the opponent is awarded a penalty.


Without doubt this is possibly the most popular football game that transcends over the decades. I played it as a child and so have my sons and grandson.

It’s become so popular over the years that they have tournaments held all over the World, replicating Champions League and World Cup. This finger flicking feast of football continues to stay strong, even amongst the world of online gamers.

Table Football

This is a game usually played in bars, pool halls and holiday camps. It comprises of a table pierced with rods that have players attached. The aim of the game is to move the ball into the opponent’s goal by manipulating the rods, which in turn flip the players. Although rules often vary when the game is played casually, at competitive level table football is played according to a set of rules::

  • Starting the gameThe winner of a coin toss chooses either to kick-off first or to pick side. The other team gets the remaining option.
  • Kick OffThe kick-off is a serve from the midfield.
  • ServeTo serve the ball, first ask if your opponent is “ready?”. When they say “ready”, you can begin. The ball must touch two players and then you must wait one second before you pass or shoot.
  • Ball Off TableThe ball is ‘out’ if it leaves the table. Restart with a serve by the defender of the other team.
  • Dead BallA ball is ‘dead’ if it can’t be reached by any player figure. If the ball goes dead between the middle bars, restart with a kick-off by the team which conceded the last goal. If the ball goes dead behind a midfield bar, restart with a serve from the nearest defender.
  • Time OutEach team is allowed 2 time outs per game of up to 30 seconds each. A time out can only be called by the team in possession of the ball and then only when the ball is not moving. Either team may call a time out when the ball is not in play (e.g. between balls or when the ball is dead or out).
  • Scoring a GoalYou can score a goal with any player figure on any bar. If the ball enters the goal and bounces out it counts as a goal.
  • Change of PositionsIn doubles, the players in a team may only swap positions between balls or during a time out.

Let’s have a look at the online and console games around.

Football Manager

This is the perfect game for those parents who despair at their children spending hours online. This football game (used to be called Championship Manager) is a great mix of using brain power creating a team and bringing it up through the ranks, selling & buying players, training players and everything that involves managing a team. It requires reading, maths and logic skills and it’s a game that can actually stimulate a brain over several days- hard to believe but true!!


The ultimate football console game . Love it or hate it, it’s here to stay.

PES (Pro Evolution Soccer)

Again a console game that doesn’t seem to be disappearing anytime soon.

Here is a list of the Top 10 Ranked Football Games from the guys at android authority:

  1. Final Kick
  2. Football Manager
  3. Head Soccer La Liga
  4. Dream League Soccer
  5. FIFA Soccer
  6. Kevin Tom’s Football Manager
  7. PES Pro Evolution Soccer
  8. Rumble Stars
  9. Soccer Star
  10. World Soccer League

There are myriad of football related activities and games you can play indoors and outdoors with children, but don’t forget the wealth of content you have at your fingertips too. Look at old videos of matches & tournaments played with your Sunday League teams. Go through matchday programmes and relive great games you’ve seen, and catch up with the tons of re-runs of World Cups, European Championships, Champions League and domestic League games that are being shown on TV.

world cup football match

As Euro 2021 kicks off, let’s enjoy everything football.

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