Saronti & YourNameHere have partnered to give you special prices & offers to publish your own book!


TO PUBLISH A NEW BOOK, choose between DIY or Creator options below and follow the easy steps!

If you wish to make the book yourself
1. Download our Word Doc template here.
2. Write your story/add illustrations directly in the
template, or copy it in.
3. Upload the Word Doc template for your book here; and let us know if you'd like to publish it to our online gallery.
4. After sending the form, you'll be redirected to a page with print options. Prices start at just £16.99 for a full colour Hardback (View prices). We'll send you a PDF proof before your book goes to print.

If you'd like us to format the book for you
1. Click here to add "Creator Service" to your basket (£10.99) and checkout.
2. Send us your story/illustration using this form; and let us know if you'd like to publish your book to our online gallery. You'll also receive an email with a link to this form. Check your spam 😉
3. Once your book is ready, we'll send you a PDF proof of your book, and a link to choose print options and buy your book. Prices start at just £16.99 for a full colour Hardback. (View prices)

If you need help with anything please email help@saronti.com, or chat to us via WhatsApp, Messenger or the chat box at the bottom of this page.

Price list

24 pages £16.99
36 pages £18.99
44 pages £20.99
56 pages £22.99
64 pages £24.99
Creator Service: If you want us to make your book for you. (optional) £12.99