5 of the World’s Best Children’s Libraries

the btree house library in Singapore

We love a library and with the UK faced with multiple closures it’s important we hang on to the reasons why we love a library. Do you remember going to the library as a kid, whether it was with the school or in holidays? That rush of excitement at the choice of books. Getting to sit on the small seats or floor and flip through numerous volumes of colourful enjoyment. Encouraging a love of reading is important to every child and with the World’s best Children’s libraries, they are on a mission to do just that.

The Future of Libraries

The smell of a library then, isn’t like it is now. We weren’t met with the waft of strong coffee or the mass dinging of teenager’s memes being bounced between each other. Even so they’re still places of joy, the origins of a love of reading and one’s that we need to preserve for future generations. There are some incredible libraries, but even more incredible children’s libraries so let’s take a look at the Top 5 around the World.

Top 5 World’s Best Children’s Libraries

  1. The Tree House– The world’s first “green library” for children is in Singapore and takes top spot of any other in library design. This safe haven for children not only comes with substantial offerings of fun, fantasy and frolics it also offers over 15,000 books on ideas and information on environmental issues. The entire structure is built from sustainable material and the inside is fitted with recycled bookshelves and LED Lighting throughout. The crowning glory has to be a tree house centrepiece made from recycled bottles donated by supporters. What we wouldn’t give to while away a few hours in that green house!
  2. Biblo Tøyen– In Oslo this library has created a unique space for kids in every sense of the word. Even the Book Categorisation is ‘out there’. No rigid digits form the listings for these books. There are labels such as- ‘Short but good’ and ‘About Robots’, stuff kids identify with. There’s even an actual drone that flies around the library, locating and scanning books, and the checkout desk is replaced with a simple embedded chip system. Being a place of creativity there’s also additional activities like drama, music and Lego building. This amazing Children’s Library is borne from a need of a place for children who’ve grown out of after school clubs. This is one club we would love to be a member of!
  3. Niños Conarte– The city of Monterrey, Mexico is blessed with mountains and thriving industry. To celebrate this the third in our list of World’s Best Children’s Libraries was built around peaks, valleys and open spaces. This enticing clash of culture and architecture has created a children’s library that is a reflection of heritage, geography and function. With bookshelves doubling as a playground this library is a space for big and little kids.
  4. Safe Haven Library- This project brought to you by Norwegian architecture students has given Burmese orphans access to books, games, and educational materials. Keeping the structure in line with the environment uses concrete and bamboo to keep the inside cool and ventilated.
  5. Biblioburro

We celebrate the bringing of books to children, however it happens. Check out our Young Author’s gallery to see some of the amazing work by our young writers and if you have a budding author in your house, why not encourage them to finish that book with a storybook kit voucher. 

Image by The Finder, Singapore