A- Z Handprints

handprint q

The A-Z of handprints is a fun activity that can be done with very young children and babies. Creating a picture of each letter of the alphabet from a handprint (or footprint) you not only entertain the children, but also capture a memory in print. Take the letter D and use it as a great Father’s Day gift. G for Grandad, N for Nanny and send as reminders that you’re missing them

Be prepared to get messy- this activity involves paint, little hands and feet… You’ve been warned.

Here are the letters and designs.


handprint Ahandprint B

handprint c

handprint d

handprint e     handprint f

handprint g                                                                  handprint h


handprint i                                                             handprint j


handprint k                                                                       handprint l


handprint m                                                         handprint n


handprint o                                                                          handprint p


handprint q                                                  handprint r

handprint s                                                                handprint t





alphabet u                                            alphabet v

alphabet w                                                                                   alphabet x

alphabet y                                                 alphabet z

We would love to see your designs for A-Z handprints. Huge thanks to fun and learning at home for these great ideas.

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