Creating Beautiful Art From Mixed Media

Waterfall creation

We are so in love with these amazing works of art from Missy, aged 5, and we’re really proud to feature them. Missy looks for her inspiration whilst out walking with her Grandmother and on this particular day she came home and created the:

Magical Creatures at the Waterfall

magical creature at the waterfall

Initially she set up the background, which is stunning in itself, but Missy didn’t stop there

. waterfall picture

She used acrylic and mixed media adding pebbles, leaves, twigs and gemstones to create the magical shimmer of the waterfall.

missy adding to picture

water fall

Once Missy had the finished Magical Waterfall background she added her dolls in different positions to make up her stories.

magical creature at the waterfall

magica waterfall number 2


What’s great about these works of art by Missy is that you can almost hear her recanting her magical stories via the pictures. The imagination of young children never ceases to amaze us, and although I’m not sure many of us have quite the imagination that Missy has- luckily, she is able to express hers in her beautiful art from mixed media.






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