All the Craft Supplies You Will Need for Lockdown Activities

We get you- your kids have been searching and have found 3 crafts they want to make- origami fish, robot arm and leggy bugs. The table is covered with paper and you’re relishing the thought of an hour’s peace from the “Mum, I’m bored, Mum, I’m hungry, Mum there’s nothing to do” on loop.

The kids faces are glowing with excitement as you read out the list of materials needed. NOOOOOOOOO, you have no googly eyes OR pipe cleaners. Plus the recycling rubbish was collected that morning,along with all the roll holders, cardboard boxes and plastic bottles. Don’t despair- here’s a list of all the craft supplies you will need for lockdown activities.

Plastic Bottles

Use these for germinating seeds, birdfeeders, water experiments and best of all rocket launchers!!

Pipe Cleaners

Bug antenna, finger puppets

Roll holders

Octopus, puppets,

Egg boxes

egg box bee

Bugs, Hungry Caterpillars, Jewellery Boxes

Cardboard Boxes 

Dinosaur feet, Shops, Aquariums, Robot arms

String & Ribbon


Lolly Sticks

Aeroplanes, Puppets

For practically every craft you will ever do:

paper, scissors, glue, tape, pens, paints, googly eyes.

googly eyes

Never get stuck again- fill up those drawers and hold off on the recycling bin 🙂

Image by freestocks-photos from Pixabay

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