How to Regrow Everything

child holding seedlings

With the sun out and days to fill what’s better than gardening. You don’t need a huge expanse of area, you can even grow things in boxes on a balcony or windowsill- I know i did! Until the Garden centres are open again, let’s look at how to regrow everything from scraps that you would throw away.


Here’s an amazing video full of tips and ideas from the Buzzfeed nifty people.


Along with herbs, there are instructions on how to grow:

  • Potatoes- cut in half and transfer into soil, eyes up after 3 days
  • Spring Onions-Cut ends, rest in water and plant after 5-7 days
  • Strawberries- pick off tiny seeds, cut off bottom of paper cup, add soil and sprinkle seeds, use bottom of plastic bottle to germinate. Plant in bigger pot after 6 weeks
  • Chillies- simply plant the seeds in soil and wait..

With tons of ideas in this video we are sure you will have lots of fun experimenting what works for you, and what doesn’t and in a few months time have amazingly tasty fruit, vegetables and herbs to add to your favourite recipes.

Image by Myriam Zilles from Pixabay

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