Amazing Food Art

Food art on chopping board

Food doesn’t have to just be a source of nutrition,it can also be art. This amazing food art creation was brought to us by Missy aged 5.
Creative tea time
Missy uses her enthusiasm and eye for detail to make this gorgeous unicorn themed tea for her Grandmother.

Unicorn Tea

She made a sandwich which was then shaped with a cutter.

pressing the unicorn sandwich

Missy used a unicorn cutter


unicorn sandwich


The finished platter, with unicorn and star sandwiches, salad and watermelon so beautifully presented.

Unicorn themed platter

Food Art on a Chopping Board

We don’t encourage children to play with food but sometimes it can encourage a love of food. Here we see the steps Missy took to build this food art on a chopping board- something you may find  experienced chefs are taught to create. She began with making a swan out of sliced radish, carrot and yellow tomatoes.

Swan made out of food

Missy placed the swan centre stage on the board and placed decorative greenery to accompany it.

Food art

Mashed avocado adds to the illusion.

Mashing avocado

Missy pipes on clouds with skill and precision.

Adding a bird

Missy’s completed food art. A beautiful swan sits on the grass, basking in the summer sun.

Food art on chopping board





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