Cardboard Box Crafts

Cardboard box grocery store

Cardboard boxes are brilliant for all kinds of kids crafts and activities. Toddlers love them for hiding in, preschoolers make dens and castles and older kids can use them for all kinds of great stuff.
Here’s a few ideas courtesy of redtedart.

Cardboard Box Pirate Ship

make a small cereal size box size one for toys or a monster size one for kids.

Cardboard box pirate shop

Cardboard Box Robot Suit

Paint it silver and add lots of detail on the front

Cardboard box robot suit

Cardboard Box Shape Sorter

turn a fantastic craft for older kids into a fun activity for toddlers.

Cardboard box shape sorter

Cardboad Box Kitchen

Easy to make sink and cooker- and if you have another box you can make a fridge too.

Cardboard Box Kitchen

Cardboard Box Lego Suit

why not have a fancy dress day in lockdown. This lego suit is simple to make from cardboard boxes.

cardboard box lego suit

Cardboard Box Greengrocers

be creative with this greengrocers/corner shop. Add some flourishes with material and don’t forget to stock up those shelves.

Cardboard box grocery store

Cardboard Box Cafe

Stack some boxes on top of each other and add some cafe essentials. Don’t forget the till!

Cardboard box cafe

Cardboard Box Chairs

easy peasy box craft. Turn those boxes upside down, add some material or paint and make them into chairs.

Cardboard box chairs

Cardboard Box Dolls House

stick boxes together to make rooms and add a diagonal roof. Paint, add material and decorate the rooms however you want. Hours of fun and happy, happy kids.

Cardboard box dolls house

The versatility of cardboard makes it easy to design and put together all kinds of crafts and playthings. All you need are strong scissors, tape or glue, paints and a child’s imagination.

Why not set your kids a challenge- give them a few boxes and ask them to come up with an idea. If you have competitive siblings, make it into a competition.

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