Egg Box Craft for Kids

egg box bee

Here are some of our favourite egg box crafts for kids. Keeping the kids occupied, and stimulated in this lockdown time isn’t easy and many of us are feeling overwhelmed. To help out here are some really easy crafts to do with kids of all ages. Get the older siblings helping the younger ones and remember it’s all about having some fun.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

We all know the story, so why not engage the kids in making their very own caterpillar:

All you need are:

  • a 12 egg box
  • paint
  • scissors
  • pipe cleaner
  • googly eyes
    caterpillar egg boxes







  1. Cut the egg box down the middle lengthwise, (you can use the other half as paint pots)
  2. Paint one pot red and the rest green
  3. Punch two holes in the first cup
  4. Give the caterpillar a face- either paint on eyes or stick on googly eyes.
  5. Cut a pipe cleaner in half and poke through the holes to make the antenna


Egg Box Dragon

This fire breathing fantasy animal makes a great addition to our Egg Box Crafts. For this you will need:

  • 3 egg boxes (6 egg kind)
  • green paint & paint brush,
  • red paper
  • 2 treasury tags
  • glue or sellotape
  • red and black felt pens
  • scissors


Cut out 2 cups and paint them green, making the eyes.

dragon egg box eyes

The other two egg boxes make up the head and body. If the box is already green then you can just add extra paint to make scales- if not paint the box green, wait for it to dry and then add scales.

dragon egg box body paint

use the treasury tags to attach the two cartons together. This allows the body to move when played with.

dragon body attachment

Cut out a tail, some spines and great big flames from the red paper. Fasten with sellotape or glue.

dragon egg box flames

Add some big eyes and round black nostrils. Your Egg Box Dragon is now ready to play with.

egg box dragon


Egg Box Bug Club

Here is a fantastic range of easy to make Bugs using egg boxes. All you need are:

  • Egg Boxes
  • Scissors
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Googly eyes
  • Coloured Pens
egg box spider
Egg Box spider by Biolink Ermelo
egg box centipede
Egg Box bug by Biolink Ermelo
egg box bug club
Egg Box Bug Club by Biolink Ermelo
egg box bee
Egg Box Bee by The Spruce
egg box ladybird
Egg Box Ladybird by The Spruce


Egg Box Ocean Bed

Why not add to your sea collection with an Egg Box Ocean bed. It’s easy to make and lovely to look at. Add your Origami fish to make it super special.

egg box ocean bed
Egg Box Ocean Bed by The Imagination Tree

Egg Box craft is a great way to spend time with children of all ages. Why not take some photos of your creations and send to us at 


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