Create Your Own Kid’s Dot to Dot


As part of our care and share activities we have designed some create your own kid’s  dot to dot. Adding your child’s face and name makes this an even better activity.

Where did the Dot to Dot Begin?

The history of the dot to dot is rather difficult to trace, as people have been connecting dots in the sky for centuries, as well as plotting points on mathematical and business graphs. The difficulty comes, in determining when we started laying dots down for entertainment.


The First Dot to Dots

Using a technique called pouncing, artists used to prick tiny holes into an image so that charcoal could be pushed through to create a dot-to-dot copy. The original drawing was laid over a new canvas or paper, ready for the original to be copied. The artist would fill a small muslin bag with powdered charcoal, which was sprinkled over the tiny pin pricks in the drawing. An outline of the original drawing would appear on the surface below, which could then be followed to create the original painting. Over time we added numbers and simplified the drawings so children could learn counting and improve their pen skills.

Add to your care and share collection here. 


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