How to Make a Dog Puppet

Wouldn’t it be great if we could have a kid’s activity that’s great to play with afterwards. Well now you can! Let’s look at how to make a dog puppet, by The Joy is Sharing with this step by step instruction.

You Will Need:

2 x Paper roll tube
String or twine
2 x Lolly sticks
5 x Straws
2 x Googly eyes
Blue paint



1. Paint the paper roll tubes blue and let them dry.

2. Glue the two lolly sticks together in a cross and wait till they set.


3. Cut one tube in half.

4. Use one half to cut out the ears as a single elongated 8-shape.


5. Make four holes on the bottom of the body tube for the legs. ( You can use a skewer )

6. Thread two 8″ pieces of string through the leg holes.

7. Cut a straw and add onto the legs to make the feet. Tie a knot in the end of the string.


8. On the other end of the tube, make holes underneath and on top to thread a long piece of string right through the body.

9. Tie it to the lolly sticks.


10.Glue the ears to the top of the head.


9. Stick the googly eyes on the head.

10. Decorate the body with stickers ( or draw decorations on)

11. Glue on a straw segment to create a tail. Make an angled cut on the un-glued end of the tail.


There you have your dog puppet. Wooftastic!!!

dog puppet finished

Why not make a few and have a puppet show- send us your creations to 

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