Dandelion Art from Toilet Roll

dandelion art from toilet roll

This dandelion art from toilet roll is such an easy way to make a beautiful painting. Our contributor, Alethea Taylor Dozier uses a three shades of blue to create this beautiful effect, but of course you could use yellow, or in fact any colour. Why not mix up colours and make a bunch of dandelions.

blue dandelion

What You Need

Toilet Roll
Paint brushes


Cut narrow strips into the toilet roll up to halfway.

cut toilet roll

Continue cutting all the way round

cut toilet roll finished

Spread out the ends in a fan shape

fanned out toilet roll

Put a circle of your lightest colour paint onto a plate and press the fan of the toilet roll into the paint. Press this onto the paper as many times as you need to make the shape of your dandelion. Add each colour, repeating the pressing process.

Your dandelion shape is then created.

pressing paint


Now you need to add a stem, with a very fine brush

dandelion stem

Blend some colour into the middle of the flower

middle of the flower

And there you have your Dandelion art from toilet roll.

dandelion art from toilet roll

I hope you like this activity and of course we would love to see your final creations.

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