Do The Trees Really Talk

talking tree

Do the trees really talk, does the wind really whistle

and how is it donkeys eat dry, spiky thistles?


Is it really the truth, do pigs fly by?

how long grows a nose, if you tell a tall lie?


Is one for sorrows, two for joys

do sweet things make girls, do bad things make boys?


If you wait for a bus for a very long time

they arrive altogether in a long, long line.


But across the road going the other way

There’s bus after bus for the whole day.


How is it a worm can be cut down the middle,

and two seconds later both halves start to wriggle?


How does a chicken without its head

runs around for a while before it’s dead?


How can a chameleon change from green,

to brown to white till it can’t be seen?


How is it that leaves turn four shades of brown

before they let go and fall straight to the ground?


There’s weird and wonderful, animals and birds

In stories and tales of old I’ve heard?


I wonder as I walk along down my street

and take in the wonderful things I meet.


Whether it’s Winter, Autumn, Summer or Spring.

Life is truly a wonderful, fabulous thing.


Some say life is hard, some say life’s a gas

some live in the lane that goes very fast.


But, me I’m blessed with the life I lead

I’m not missing a bit of it, no indeed!


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