Easy to Make Craft- Dinosaur feet

cute green dinosaur

Kids love the fantasy and fright of dinosaurs. These crafty feet are easy to make and if you make pairs- you can have dinosaur feet races….

You only need four items:

Thick card (any old box will do)


  • Cut out feet from the card (below are some ideas)

dinosaur feet double template













dinosaur foot template

  • Paint the feet (it’s nice to paint the toes a different colour from the foot) and leave to dry.
  • Place your foot on the card and mark out two holes either side of your foot. Remove your foot and make two holes.


dinosaur foot

  • Thread a short piece of ribbon from above to underneath the foot, tying each end in a knot. This should leave a loop just big enough for your foot to go through. foot strap
  • Thread a longer piece of ribbon through from the underneath with enough ribbon to reach up to your waist if held in either hand.

With your feet in the loops and holding the ribbon at waist height -get stomping!!!

completed dinosaur foot

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Cover Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

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