Freckles, by Davina Miles

If the freckle on your nose,


and grows,

joins up with the others, until it covers,

the whole of your face

makes you feel out of place

with the family youre in

different coloured skin.


You try to find

someone of your kind,

who won’t point and stare,

until you can’t bear

to venture outside

where there’s nowhere to hide.


Till you’re forced to use cover

as you search for another

of whatever you are,

you travel afar.

Away from it all,

makes you feel very small

and afraid of the thought, that you could get caught

by someone who’ll discover,

that there is no other

who looks like you?

You’ll be put in a zoo

in a small open box

all covered in locks

so, you can’t get away

from the people who pay

to look at the face

that is so out of place

from the cuteness and curls

like the thousands of girls

who look in the mirror

and shake and quiver

at the freckle on their nose

as it grows and grows…..


by Davina Miles

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