A Mile of Smiles, by Yuka Masamoto

As I lie in bed at night the darkness brings my fear, my fright. The curtains [...]

Truly Amazing, by Lizzie Sands

Truly knows she’s not like other girls with their pink painted nails and big perfect curls. [...]

Jam Jar Wars, by Nathan Moore

Ina dark, dark cupboard, in a dark, dark kitchen, a fierce battle was brewing. The [...]

Clementine’s Cowardly Cauldron, by Saffron Booth

Clementine is a witch, Witches wear long black robes and pointed hats. Clementine wears a [...]

What Does the Seagull Sea? by Amber Farraday

Where does the Kingfisher fish? Big pond, Little pond, any kind of Wet pond. What [...]

Wallaby’s a Winner, by Patricia Neemans

It was a hustling, bustling day at Froggly Dean Zoo. Mr Baker, the Zookeeper had [...]

Bish Bosh Binkle by Sam Wooton

Bish Bosh Binkle’s  not exactly twinkle toes.   Sixteen foot four  of the hairiest , [...]

Freckles, by Davina Miles

If the freckle on your nose, grows, and grows, joins up with the others, until [...]

Nessie & Me, by Ciara Samson

Our story begins with the school teacher’s note ‘bring a pet day to school’, on [...]

Do The Trees Really Talk, by Dean Bolton

Do the trees really talk, does the wind really whistle and how is it donkeys [...]

Jwetha and Juhi – by Lavanya, 6