Saronti & ATC language schools  have partnered to give you special prices & offers to publish your own book!

TO PUBLISH A NEW BOOK, choose between DIY or Creator options below and follow the easy steps!

DIY / Print from £16.99
Make your own book using our easy template!
1. Download our Word Doc template here.
2. Write your story/add illustrations directly in the
template, or copy it in.
3. Upload the Word Doc template for your book by clicking here; and let us know if you'd like to publish it to our online gallery.
4. After sending the form, we'll take you to a page with print options. Prices start at just £16.99 for a full colour Hardback (View prices). We'll create your print-ready PDF and send you a proof before your book goes to print.

CREATOR / £12.99 + Print from £16.99
If you'd like us to format the book for you
1. Click here to add "Creator Service" to your basket (£12.99) and checkout.
2. Send us your story/illustration using this form; and let us know if you'd like to publish your book to our online gallery. You'll also receive an email with a link to this form. Check your spam 😉
3. Once your book is ready, we'll send you a PDF proof, and a link to choose print options and buy your book. Prices start at just £16.99 for a full colour Hardback. (View prices)

If you need help with anything please email help@saronti.com, or chat to us via WhatsApp, Messenger or the chat box at the bottom of this page.

Price list

24 pages £16.99
36 pages £18.99
44 pages £20.99
56 pages £22.99
64 pages £24.99
Creator Service: If you want us to make your book for you. (optional) £12.99