Saronti Bedtime Book

girl reading magical book

“Bedtime” says a tired little boy,

dressed in his PJ’s cuddling his toy.

“Read me a book”, he asks his Mum,

who stammers,“b,b,but your books aren’t fun!!!”.

She’s tried the one with the caterpillar who eats,

and the one with a witch and a house made of sweets.

Halfway through a book that she’s already read,

Mum’s head starts to nod as she slips down the bed.

The little boy wails,“would somebody please,

get to the end of a book as I can’t yet read!”

Dad says he’s busy, big brothers playing a game,

every book, every night, it’s always the same.

Then one day she hears from a certain someone,

that Saronti books are exciting and fun!!!!

“Yeah…. sure… right,” Mum says disbelieving,

“miracles don’t happen, at least not in the evening.”

She looked on the website seeing, ‘faces and names

are put in your book,’ “well that would explain.”

She said as she sent the family photos in,

for a personalised book called, ‘Our seaside outing.’

children reading together

The next bedtime, the book’s arrived

Big Brothers reading-what a surprise!!!!

Dad joins in to look at the pages,

he laughs at the story for ages and ages.

So now it’s the same, every night,

who reads the Saronti- it’s always a fight!!