5 Things We Should Teach Our Kids

children washing clothes

When you hold that tiny newborn you aren’t prepared for the bolt of love lightening that hits. You also don’t get an instruction manual that can assist you for the next- well it never really ends, does it- years! There are however, 5 things we should teach our kids before they turn 10.

We’ve already seen what kids really want from parents but  here are some basics that every child should be taught in their early years:

  • Good manners
  • The three ‘r’s
  • Sharing and socialising
  • that Marmite is the BEST (okay that’s just our preference :))

Let’s take a look at what’s sweeping the rounds on child rearing, and why we should take note!

Washing Clothes

Okay it may be that some kids learn this way before they’re 10 but generally it’s considered to be good form to have taught the workings of the washing machine before they enter double digits. Just because they may have seen the machine in action a zillion times, doesn’t mean they are familiar with the mechanics of it. Dividing the colours, how much detergent & softener, where they go and of course the programme used for each wash. It’s also important to let your child know that the washing doesn’t begin and end at loading up the machine!

Cookery skills

Are your kids fed up of cereal and toast- well then teach them some basic meals. We have found that children get an enormous amount of pleasure out of eating food they’ve made themselves. Let’s think about some basic meals that any 10 yr old can muster up:

  • scrambled eggs
  • beans on toast
  • pasta
  • salad
  • mashed potato
  • steamed veg
  • pizza
  • cup cakes- of course !!


Next time you’re on your way to football, ballet or swimming lessons get your children to navigate the way there and home. It’s a great way for them to get a realisation of surroundings and plant the basis for journey memory.  The pre-cursor for learning navigation skills is treasurer hunting.  Following a trail and remembering directions and instructions will go a long way to prep a child for the big wide world of the intricate network of junctions they will face as a driver.


pink piggy bank for teaching children

Teaching money management is vital for the leap into adulthood and in preparation play the grocery challenge. Get your child used to looking at prices of things in supermarkets and online and ask them to find a product for the cheapest price possible. They will discover that sometimes you can find the same product at a cheaper price somewhere else- or even at the same place but on sale. At Christmas give them a set amount and get them to work out what gifts they can buy with that amount.


“D I WHY”? I hear you all cry. Simple tasks like hammering a nail can be taught to young children. Scissor skills are taught in preschool so why not let them get used to some of the bigger tools. Of course, it goes without saying to keep the power tools locked away until they’re at least 25 ?

There are no end to the list of things that we teach our children, with most of them being taught unconsciously. There’s really nothing better than seeing your children flourish in life and these skills (along with others) will help them on their way.

Images by Martine den Engelsen from Pixabay