Weaving Activity for Girls & Boys

children weaving

This wonderful activity by Days with Grey is great for girls & boys. Weaving can easily be adjusted to children from 3yrs upwards. By adjusting the loom, you increase the levels of intricacy needed to weave, thereby giving older children more of a challenge. It’s also tons of fun too 🙂

Making a Loom

  • Use a piece of cardboard or cereal box. Cut one-inch lines on either end of the cardboard, repeat all the way down the cardboard. Use less strings for younger age groups. The image below is suitable for a 3 yr old and has 3 lines of string. A good measure is one string for each year.

3 yr old loom

  • Thread yarn or string from one end to the other and knot at the back. Keep the string tension tight, but not too tight that it bends the cardboard.
  • Tape the loom to the table to hold it steady.
  • Use ribbon or strips of paper to weave.


loom for older children


Why Weaving is Great for Young Kids

  • Fine movements helps to strengthen their pencil grip

  • Improves hand-eye coordination

  • Allows them to be creative

  • Hones their fine motor skills

  • Increases focus and concentration

weaving with children


  • Teaches them to follow a pattern

Weaving is a great activity for kids and adults to do when everyone’s stuck indoors. Why not make a loom and weave some great rainbow colour patterns.


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