What Does the Seagull Sea? by Amber Farraday

Where does the Kingfisher fish?
Big pond, Little pond, any kind of Wet pond.
What does the Seagull See?
Big fair, Little fair, any kind of Fun fair.
What does the Woodpecker peck?
Big tree, Little tree, any kind of Wooden tree.
Where does the Flamingo Go?
Big trip, Little trip, any kind of Sunny Trip.
Who does the Mocking bird Mock?
Big bird, Little bird, any kind of Naughty bird.
What does the Cuckoo Cook?
Big worm, Little worm, any kind of Wriggly worm.
Where does the Road Runner Run?
Big race, Little race, any kind of Running Race?
What does the Robin Rob?
Big Ring, Little Ring, any kind of Shiny Ring.
Where does the Raven Rave?
Big Concert Little Concert, any kind of HipHop Concert.
What does the Humming Bird Hum?
Big tune, Little tune any kind of music tune.
Why won’t the Budgie  Budge?
Big cat, Little cat, any kind of Scarey cat.
What does the Penguin Win?
Big medal, Little medal, any kind of Swimming medal.
Who does the Lovebird Love?
Big YOU, Little YOU, every kind of SPECIAL you..
So does the Cockatoo Too
by Amber Farraday

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