The Best School Fundraising Ideas

school fundraising

Now that schools are back (hurrah), it’s time for the PTA committees and the schools to start thinking about the best school fundraising ideas. As Spring is upon us and Summer is fast approaching, this opens up a whole chapter of great outdoor events, as well as the indoor ones:

Popular Fundraising Ideas:

Car wash

These are easy to organise, can raise lots of money and are great fun for all. You can organise the students into teams, with one team on making leaflets & posters, one team on washing and one on drying the cars. Weather is a vital factor to success, so best organise in the Summer term. For extra success, why not organise the car wash on the same day as the Summer Fayre.

Cake Sale

rock cakes

This may strike fear into the hearts of many, but the idea of making cakes and selling them in the playground has been going on for years ( I should know. I’m old). From Bake Off standard creations to Granny’s home made rock cakes, a school cake sale is one of the most popular school fundraising ideas. Selling cakes at 50p-£3, can also generate a fair pot of fundraising too. As made for brilliantly explains however- a cake sale isn’t to be taken lightly:

Today is school cake sale day. For some mums this is an event that has the ability to send you into an irrational, blind panic at 7am to hunt down a packet of stale fairy cakes. For others it’s a chance to use skills from a previously successful-and-very-important career to create two-dozen showstoppers and then post pictures of said stunners on boastbook.

Fundraising Cookbook

A recipe book fundraiser is not only a way of raising money, but it’s a great way of getting a school together. It helps promote healthy and tasty eating and gets children involved in mealtimes. With each child asked to submit a recipe, the book can then be divided into categories. Here are some of the more popular ones:

  • Starters
  • Snacks
  • Breakfasts
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Desserts

Some schools also put a photo of the child beside their recipe, or just the name if preferred. The book can be divided into Year or Class groups and if it’s a large school, there could be a cookbook per Year. Schools charge a nominal fee to submit a recipe, most charge £1, and then copies of the book are sold to the parents, also making a profit per sale. Not only is this a wonderful school activity, but a fundraising cookbook is a great memento of the child’s school years, not to mention the ton of delicious recipes to boot.

Non Uniform Day

This is a regular occurrence up and down the country throughout the year, and one that most parents dread. Especially if you have girls! Boys are easy, Superhero costume up to Year 3 and footie kit beyond. Girls, on the other hand change their minds about 15 times in the run up and then again another 10 on the morning. The older girls try and sneak out with crop tops, skinny jeans and a face full of Mac, leaving the younger ones to rock up as Princesses or Unicorn lovers. Some parents may pay £1 NOT to have a non uniform day.

Whatever you decide are the best school fundraising ideas for your school, there are a few considerations worth remembering. Not everyone has the funds to purchase bags of books or 4 tier Minions Cakes, but they may have time to help out. Alternatively not everyone has the time to man a stall or paint a stage backdrop, but they do have other ways of contributing. A school fundraiser needs lots of input, help and many people to make it a success.

Image by photosforyou from Pixabay


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