The Major Discovery by Lana Hashemi

In a galaxy far.away, there are worlds of animals, however each planet has only one [...]

Fantasy Book1-by Jennifer Levy

This is a story about a land called Fantasy, friendships and overcoming danger together… with [...]

Diggory and The Robot Revolution by Mark Lukosevicius

Diggory, a wild scientist who is always making new inventions, is making his greatest invention [...]

WHO? by James Hunter-Brown

When Fraser is invited to the wedding of his old friend in the Bahamas, he [...]

Fay Gladur & the Mad Wizard by Xenat Sayed

A young girl named Fay Gladdur suffers from nightmares which haunt her every night. She [...]

Irresistible Recipes by Wren Pye

I would like to thank my mother who has inspired me to start baking and [...]

The Ring of Power by Shrinjal Mishra

When Alice’s sister Mira suddenly turns ill, it’s up to Alice to find the special [...]

The Story of Honu Cove by Lilian Campbell

Aya has a secret. A fear, not once shared. One she has never entrusted anyone [...]

Wendy Pigeon, Great Adventures In London by Violet V Kavanagh

  Violet V Kavanagh is the creator of Wendy Pigeon, She is 9 years old [...]

The Magic Door by Adyan Ahmed

This is the story about an adventurous girl called Zara who journeyed to the woods [...]

The Valley of Magic by Shraddha Renjith

    Sally meets some new friends, (April and June) who accidentally end up in [...]

Eva’s Adventure by Lacie Pickerill Connell

Eva’s adventure is about a girl called Eva who moves house. She is desperate to [...]

The Girl In The Woods by Ellen Ohene-Obeng

A young girl, Rachel, is whisked away to the woods, where she comes across a [...]

Astro-Kitty by Constance Renwick

Meet Violet and her cat Astro – who is not just any ordinary cat See [...]

The Fairy of the Magic Glade by Aadhya Sree Polavarapu

Mia Robinson went to school on her birthday and received an ancient fairy book. When [...]

Jasper’s Adventure by Freddie Harker

Mount Timber holds a secret. Will Jasper and his friend be able to unlock it? [...]

The Grand Escape by Sadie Vinall

Join Wiggles, the hamster as he embarks on a journey to find his true home. [...]

Candy Confessions: The Mystery of the Golden Egg by Alice Mower

This story is about a little chick who goes on an adventure to find a [...]

The Halloween Killer Vampire by Sofia Rose Facchini

  Katie the Halloween Killer Vampire returns to terrorise the village. Theatre villagers devise a [...]

The Fox and the Woodland Creatures by Daisy

One night four best friends were playing tag, and one was about to learn a [...]

Spectra Of Sentiments by Aayan Mulla

This book is a key to unlocking realms of creativity not thought possible. Experience a [...]

Raveen’s Rescue Mission- by Shraddah Renjith

Raveen and Noris are best friends who are looking forward to celebrating their birthdays together. [...]

All The King’s Horses- by Kenny Seebeck

All The King’s Horses is a provocative war novel set during The Napoleonic Wars and [...]

The Mystical Knight, Joey- by Joey Seebeck

Deep in the depths of a harsh winter; Knight Joey has to defend his mansion [...]

The Mysterious Waterfall by Georgie Hinh

  Olivia, Milly and Jason are spending Christmas on a tropical island in Australia when [...]

Multi-Monster by Jeremiah Jisho

  One monster. One heart. Two heads. Join this unique monster as he ventures far [...]

The New Teacher by Liliana Robinson

There is something strange going on at St Thomas’ Secondary, and Elizabeth and Alex are [...]

The Adventure by Sophie Kirby

Lola, Sam and Penelope go on holiday to Barbados and find more than they bargain [...]

Unpredictable by Muhammad Aliyan Ali

Life is unpredictable. Many things happen to the six friends: Holly, Aliyan, Mekaeel, Dustin, Kafu [...]

The Gaming Boy by Ebrahim Kafian

  Gaming Boy, a boy who loves gaming, gets the opportunity of a lifetime with [...]

The Forbidden Forest by Joshan Rathore

One night, a curious 10 year old boy, Ben, looked out onto the Forbidden Forest [...]

The Fire Breathing Dragon by Joshua Akpowowo

  A menacing, fire breathing dragon has to save his friend from an grumpy, grizzly [...]