The Mysterious Waterfall by Georgie Hinh

  Olivia, Milly and Jason are spending Christmas on a tropical island in Australia when [...]

The New Teacher by Liliana Robinson

There is something strange going on at St Thomas’ Secondary, and Elizabeth and Alex are [...]

The Adventure by Sophie Kirby

Lola, Sam and Penelope go on holiday to Barbados and find more than they bargain [...]

The Adventure of the Three Sisters by Elodie Arnold

  Mass, Autumn and Summer move to Vancouver Island. They go exploring and find what [...]

Sand, the Sun Ring and the Desert Storm by Celia Elizabeth Cryne

  Three children: Michael, Rosie and Tom are at their Grandad’s farm when something very [...]

Through The Mystic Portal by Wai Tung Kate Ho

When sisters Aubrey and Abigail get lost in an enchanted forest, they find a witch’s [...]

The World’s Worst Viking by Augusta Mogensen

  Bjorn is a Viking. Not a very good one though. Okay, he’s the worst [...]

Night of the Living Mummy 4 by John Groneman

Jenny and Sara have found a ventriloquist dummy. But what tricks does Sam the dummy [...]

Lost Phone Leads To Fame by Avneet Takhar

Marc was lonely, but then one lucky night he was thrust into the limelight and [...]

The Suitcase by Max Vigar

  When Erik Keithley finds a mysterious suitcase full of money, he is plunged into [...]

Liberty Young and the Guardian of Balance by Sophie Marshall

  Liberty has defeated King Dade, the King of all darkness, but another challenge lies [...]

Two Worlds- Emma Xiao

Frisbee is a friendly, talkative puppy who likes nearly everything beginning with ‘P’. When his [...]

Murphy The Guide Dog- Harriet Ross

Kitty is a petite, fast, 14-year-old. She was the first eight-year-old to swim the English [...]

Murder Close By-Dylan Martinez

When Johnathan Cross’s father dies in Afghanistan, he turns his brilliant mind to murder. After [...]

Avril Part One by Sophie Hewitt

I AM CAMMY, CAMMY EVERLEIGH GRACE. It’s my first year at Beauxbatons and everything is [...]

The Wisdom of Magic, by Hafsa Hassan

Jessica Stevenson is a thirteen-year-old girl. She is an orphan and has spent several years [...]

The Snowman Chase by Shivya Modhwadia

It is the night before Christmas and Santa & Mrs. Claus are setting off to [...]

The Stolen Jingle Bell – by Sarra Elena Burtea aged 9

This book is about an adventure at the North Pole with Mr and Mrs Claus. [...]

Orphan by Lydia Hibbert

12-year-old orphan, Lily, lives in a lonely, cruel world, and has no friends. Just her [...]

A Magical Winter Adventure by Annie Tou

Billy and Jane have to save the day before Billy’s magical stone falls into the [...]

Our Christmas Friendship: The Beginning by Evelyn Xu

A little orphan named Lunar is looking for friends. She finds one in the most [...]

Christmas For Everybody by Tanisha Mishra

Rile the rabbit and Santa are pondering about celebrating Christmas and giving presents to the [...]

My Diary, Aquapella Grace by Sophie Hewitt

Hello I am Aquapella Grace. I have to go to a new magic school and [...]

7 Spirits of Christmas by Mayomikun Adesokan

Flynn is looking for a new home, and a place to spend Christmas. Meanwhile, a [...]

The Nightmare Before Christmas by Sileanu Adesokan

Billy and Alisa’s day starts like every normal day, until a very unexpected thing happens [...]

Showstopper by Emma Hilburn

Alexa and Lila get a letter inked with thrilling news – they have the day [...]

The Last Shot by Joelle Prior

Riley, Evelyn and their high school frenemies have been locked inside an abandoned mansion, where [...]

The Giggling Otter by Chloe Debnam

Leah loves her wood and would do anything to protect it so of course she [...]

The Emerald Necklace by Sile Adesokan

When Anna loses her necklace, her enemy Sophie wants to help. Why does Sophie want [...]

Finding Fathers by Mayo Adesokan

Alexander and Ashley’s father has been kidnapped. It is up to them to find him [...]

Beauxbatons-Puffskin In Peril by Sophie Hewitt

Fleur Delacour is in her first year at Beauxbatons School of Witchcraft. To pass the [...]

All Alone by Emma Gough

Maya is a girl with problems – lots of them. It feels like the world [...]

Sapphire’s Eyes by Beatrice Everett

Olive the evil princess has broken free from jail and using her dark magic, she [...]

Astronaut Parrot by James Reed

  Frodo the parrot has a dream about flying through space, so she and her [...]

The New Friend by Frederik Schabel

Percy the Penguin has three best friends, but none are penguins like him. Thinking he [...]

Trouble at the Beach by Chloe Donahue

Liza is so excited to meet a new friend at the beach. Gabby seems cool [...]